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College Spotlight: Anthony Montalvo (Oklahoma State)
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College Spotlight: Anthony Montalvo (Oklahoma State)

Anthony Montalvo is currently the starter for the Cowboys at 184-pounds. He is making waves at the collegiate level by defeating opponents who are ranked higher than him according to various wrestling sites. Montalvo sits with a 13-4 record with two of his biggest defeats being against NCAA qualifier Chris Weiler (Lehigh) and Nino Bonaccorsi (Pittsburgh) who at the time was ranked No. 7 in the country. We had a chance to speak to Anthony about his goals, favorite food, the music he listens and why he decided to attend Oklahoma State.

Tri – Titans: At what age did you begin competing in wrestling?
Montalvo – I started in wrestling at the age of 4 or 5 just learning the basics and having fun.
Tri – Titans: Let's go back to recruiting when you were in high school. What do you remember about the process? What were your top three schools and why did you pick Oklahoma State?
Montalvo - What I remember about the recruiting process was an awesome experience. To travel to different places and see what each school had to offer. My top 3 schools were Oklahoma State, Ohio State, and Fresno State. Ultimately, I chose Oklahoma State because of the feeling I had in my stomach during the recruiting trip. The small-town feel and tradition in Stillwater is second to none.
Tri – Titans: How was it to be coached by former Illinois wrestler Troy Tirapelle and Gabe Flores?
Montalvo - Being coached by Troy and Gabe was a blessing. They run the Buchanan program as close to a college program as possible. From lifting to running and wrestling, they made the transition to a Division I program easier for me.
Tri – Titans: What's the last thing you tell yourself before you set foot on the line?
Montalvo - The last thing I tell myself before I step on the line is “under control”. It’s what my dad always told me before the whistle blew so now, I tell it to myself.
Tri – Titans: What's the strangest thing that's ever gone through your mind during a wrestling match?
Montalvo - I’m not positive that I can remember a time that a strange thing went through my mind in a match. I’m usually focused on the match.
Tri – Titans: If you could go back and re-wrestle any match, which would it be and why?
Montalvo - If I can go back and re-wrestle one match it would have to be the quarterfinal match at state my Freshman year in high school. I wanted to be a 4-time state placer so bad and I dropped that match based on silly mistakes. Luckily, I have a chance to make up for it by hopefully being a 4-time All-American in college.
Tri – Titans: How intensive is the workouts at Oklahoma State?
Montalvo - Our workouts are Oklahoma state gets very intense. Our drilling is harder than going live because of the intensity and how there is no time to rest or catch your breath.
Tri – Titans: What was going through your mind after defeating Nino Bonaccorsi of Pittsburgh?
Montalvo - After defeating Bonaccorsi, nothing was going through my mind differently than any other match. I knew I can beat him, and it was an important match for me to keep climbing the rankings.
Tri – Titans: What have you learned so far from coach John Smith?
Montalvo - So far, I have learned that wrestling is a lifestyle. Everything you do will affect, either positive or negative, your performance.
Tri – Titans: What are your goals for this season?
Montalvo - My goal for this season is to continue to develop and focus on each performance. Also, to be on the podium in March.
Tri – Titans: If you could go back and wrestle anybody from any era, who would you want to compete against?
Montalvo - If I can compete against anybody from any era it would have to be Coach Chris Perry.
Tri – Titans: What's the most interesting thing about you that has nothing to do with wrestling?
Montalvo - The most interesting thing about me that has nothing to do with wrestling is that I am one of eight siblings.
Tri – Titans: Favorite food?
Montalvo - Favorite food is a tough one but I have to go with shrimp pasta
Tri – Titans: Favorite music artist?
Montalvo - My favorite music artist is the one and only Makaveli AKA Tupac!

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