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Designed and made to leave an impression on and off the mat!

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Our dye process not only brings out the standing-out colors, it's also dyed deep into fabric, to maintain its color even when streched out! No cracking or peeling.

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Our team directly sources each piece of material, including the fabric, threads, and even the elastic bands! With our perfect blend of fabrics, soft flat-lock thread and comfortable trims, our gear is light and comfortable.

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It's all in the details! We use only quality and certified threads and fabrics to ensure durable gear that won't break after a few practices and matches.

Funk Fighter Technology

Tri-Titans Funk Fighter Antimicrobial with Silver Ions embedded into the fabric creating a protective layer on the fabric that combats the attachment of microbes and inhibits bacterial growth.

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1. Generate Ideas

Share the details of your team gear order using our convenient and user-friendly online form. Soon after, a dedicated team specialist will contact you to initiate the design process.

2. Design & Feedback

Our exceptional design team will get to work on your request, guaranteeing exceptional results. We will then finalize your order after you are satisfied with the designs.

3. Production & Delivery

Rest assured that your gear will be handled with utmost care and undergo thorough inspection to guarantee top-notch quality. We are committed to delivering your order on time.

Team Gear Collection

All Custom Team Orders include Graphic Design by our amazing Graphic Design team to fit your team's style!

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