Tri-Titans Wrestling/MMA

We are a California-based brand that embodies the fusion of mind, body, and spirit. Inspired by the diverse cultures and landscapes around us, we embrace challenges and overcome obstacles with enthusiasm and support. Trust is fundamental to us, and while we value combat, our battles are against our own weaknesses and limitations. We are relentless challengers, shouldering the responsibility of victory or defeat, not just for ourselves but to uplift those around us. Together, we leave a lasting legacy in the world of wrestling and MMA that goes beyond the arena.


"Within the ring's embrace, We conquer the depths of struggle, Amidst the
chaos, we find beauty."
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Funk Fighter Technology

Tri-Titans Funk Fighter Antimicrobial with Silver Ions embedded into the fabric creating a protective layer on the fabric that combats the attachment of microbes and inhibits bacterial growth.

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