Soar & Roar Fight Shorts

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Size: Youth Medium
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Step onto the mats embodying the essence of two of nature’s most agile creatures with the Soar & Roar Fight Shorts. These shorts are not just a piece of attire but a testament to the fusion of robust strength and aerial finesse, tailored for the grappling elite.

Dynamic Design: Echoing the aesthetic of our popular singlet, the Soar & Roar Fight Shorts feature the iconic imagery of the noble tiger and the elegant crane. Crafted for grapplers who carry the spirit of these formidable creatures, every detail reflects their courage and resilience. The vibrant colors and detailed Japanese-style motifs ensure that your presence is felt even before the match begins.

Premium Construction: Developed with the finest materials, our fight shorts offer a stretchable yet robust fabric that moves with you as you grapple, providing unmatched freedom and support. Engineered for durability, they withstand the demands of intense training and competition, allowing you to focus solely on your technique.

Optimal Performance Fit: Designed with the athlete's movement in mind, the Soar & Roar Fight Shorts offer a secure fit that stays in place thanks to a drawstring closure. Available in a comprehensive size range, we've tailored our shorts to accommodate every athlete, ensuring your gear is as ready for battle as you are.

Versatility Meets Style: Whether it's for BJJ, wrestling, MMA, or a strenuous workout, these shorts are versatile enough for all forms of martial arts and training. Not only functional but also stylish, they make a bold statement about your dedication to the sport and your commitment to excellence.

Easy Care for the Dedicated Athlete: We know your time should be spent training, not on tedious garment care. That's why the Soar & Roar Fight Shorts are designed to be low-maintenance, retaining their shape and vibrant colors wash after wash.

Product Features:

  • Dynamic tiger and crane design, symbolizing agility and power
  • High-strength stretch fabric for supreme mobility
  • drawstring for a secure fit
  • Quick-dry technology for comfort and ease
  • Reinforced stitching for enduring quality
  • Easy-care and longevity

Join the Tri-Titans Family: Elevate your combat gear with the Soar & Roar Fight Shorts and feel the surge of confidence as you prepare for victory. Join the ranks of champions who choose Tri-Titans and make your mark as a force to be reckoned with.

Whether you're training or stepping into the spotlight for a fight, the Soar & Roar Fight Shorts are your ally. Don't just compete, dominate with style and performance.