5 Layer Disposable KN95 Mask - White (10pcs)

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10 Pcs of KN95 Masks: The KN95 mask is not to be relied upon for complete medical grade protection, or in toxic/hypoxic environments where a gas mask or oxygen tank should be used.

Protection: If used correctly, this mask will offer a filtration efficiency of 95%, to greatly protect respiratory health. The KN95 mask has the ability to block particle matter all the way down to size 2.5 (PM2.5), offering a level of protection that far exceeds standard cloth masks.

How To Wear: To ensure maximum protection from this mask, please fit as airtight as possible. Carefully lift the mask to the face and attach the straps behind the ears. Avoid touching and contaminating the inside of the mask or disturbing the edges of the masks air tight seal. Exhale strongly while wearing to test for air tightness. If a large amount of air is escaping from the edges, adjust the nose clip, mask body and ear bands for a closer fit. 

  • Spun-viscose, non-woven fabric, hot-air cotton and fusion-sprayed fabric. Mask body consists of nose clip and elastic band.
  • Imported.
  • 5 Layers.
  •  Light weight & comfortable.
  • Filtration Efficiency >95%, filter airborne particles, such as dust, pollen and microorganisms.
  • Fast Ship from San Diego, CA.