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O3T Expanding Horizons 01: Singapore
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O3T Expanding Horizons 01: Singapore

The O3T Program by Tri-Titans was created for a core purpose: To take amazing young people and fuel the fire that keeps them going, guide them down the road in the right direction, and to use their stories to inspire the next generation after them.

The O3T Expanding Horizons trip was one of our first major events, where we took O3T to Asia to learn more about the world outside their home. They would learn about foreign cultures, make new friends, taste new food, all while getting some mat time for summer training!

The first stint of the EH 2018 was Singapore! A very modern and advanced country, Singapore was a light introduction to South East Asia, because the differences from California weren't so drastic. Being a British colony for over 140 years, their national language is English. Furthermore, the country is also a melting pot of cultures from the region with ancestry rooted from China, Malaysia, India and more. With that said, albeit a little culture shock from food and an accent different from the US, it was an easy start. The biggest hurdle for everyone was the heat and humidity! The tropical country sits right over the equator and is hot year round.

We were graciously welcomed by the Wrestling Federation of Singapore, managed and organized by Gabriel Huang and coached by Artem Kotov. Along with their heads were a group of amazing staff and volunteers who gave their time to the Beat Our Streets Singapore wrestling camp!

Our days were filled with training, freestyle technique, live wrestling. There were also some important mindset lessons with teamwork and jump rope activities that everyone loved! When we weren't in the room, we were riding around 23 seater vans and hitting the sights like Sentosa Island, the Marina Bay Sands, and the Singapore Night Safari.

The most unique activity for the crew was at the OnHand Agrarian Fish Farm where our wrestlers had to work together to catch fish on their fish farm. Alongside the edible fish, they learned about the preservation of some endangered fish. The event was hosted by the very knowledgeable Shannon Lim who showed us how all the plants on the property were edible as well. Amazing learning opportunity and awesome memories!

Another big part of our stay in Singapore was the Hostel. No one in the group had stayed in a hostel prior to the trip, and it was a new experience for all. Rooms with 3-6 bunk beds in them and shared restrooms got the groups interacting right away! At night, we ventured out to grab our evening meals, including some delicacies like frogs! Some didn't quite venture into those food territories, but those who did seemed to love it.

In all, Singapore was an amazing start to the Expanding Horizons trip. Thank you to Gabriel and the WFS for hosting us and organizing our schedule!

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Next up EH Round 2: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with the Saigon Sports Club!

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