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Notable wrestlers that did not place at Doc Buchanan
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Notable wrestlers that did not place at Doc Buchanan

This article by no way is it trying to put down any wrestler and their accomplishments. The reason for this information is to let the country know how tough this year’s Doc Buchanan tournament was. I know that it will become even stronger in years to come and will eventually become the # 1 tournament not just in California but in the country.

106: Eligh Rivera (Lake Highland Prep, FL) - 6th at Walsh Jesuit Ironman

106: Wyatt Richter (St. Edward, OH) – Top 12 at Walsh Jesuit Ironman

106: Zach Ourada (Omaha Skutt Catholic, NEB) – 3rd at state

106: Clarence Moore (Gilroy) – 2018 Super 32 middle school place winner

113: Maximus Martinez (St. John Bosco) – 2019 3rd at Super 32

113: Nick Gonzalez (Montini Catholic, IL) - 8th at Walsh Jesuit Ironman

113: Yusief Lillie (Tahoma, WA) – 2x state champion

113: Kenny Sailas (Brighton, CO) – 2019 Double Fargo All-American

120: Richard Sandoval (Santa Ynez) – 2019 Fargo All-American

120: Willian Giron (Turlock) – 2018 8th at state

120: Nash Singleton (Roseburg, OR) – 2nd at state

120: Rich Delsanter (St. Edward, OH) – 6th at state

120: Zach Espalin (Chandler, AZ) – 2x state champion

126: Kaleb Diaz (Roseburg, OR) – 3rd at state

126: Cody Thompson (Loveland, CO) – 5th at state

132: Nico Bolivar (Oak Park-River Forest, IL) – 5th at state

132: Nick Masters (Woodward Academy, GA) – 2017 Fargo Freestyle Finalist

132: Devin Murphy (Selma) – 2019 Flo Nationals Finalist

132: Wyatt Yapoujian (Byers, CO) – Top 12 t Walsh Jesuit Ironman

132: Ryan Spangler (Sultana) – 6th at state

132: Sammy Heywood (Wasatch, UT) – 2x state champion

138: Michael Kilic (Woodward Academy, GA) – 2019 Fargo Greco Champion

138: Darren Green (Broomfield, CO) – 2019 state champion

138: Vincent Mannella (Woodward Academy, GA) – 3x state champion

145: Joseph Zargo (Bergen Catholic, N.J.) – 7th at Beast of the East

145: Joshua Ogunsanya (Oak Park-River Forest, IL) – 2019 Fargo All-American

145: Analu Benabise (Kelly Walsh, WY) – 2x state champion

152: Nic Stoltenberg (Skutt Catholic, NE) – 2x state champion

160: Will Kloster (Lemoore) – 8th at state

160: Cody Eaton (Windsor, CO) – 2nd at state

170: Dante Stefanelli (Delbarton, N.J.) – 4th at state

170: Hayden Walters (Crescent Valley, OR) – State champion

170: Valor Buck (Servite) – 8th at state

182: Tommy Mccormick (Churchill County, NV) – 2x state champion

195: Tristen Wilson (Servite) – 4th at state

195: Santos Cantu (Crescent Valley, OR) – 2x state champion

195: Eli Jansen (Skutt Catholic, NE) – State champion

195: Jadon Martin (Buchanan) – 2nd at state

195: Alec Hargreaves (Rocky Mountain, CO) – State champion

220: Nathaniel Deasey (Chandler, AZ) – 2018 Fargo Cadet Freestyle Champion

220: Levi Kovacs (Tahoma, WA) - 4th at state

220: Bryant Walker (Broomfield, CO) – 4th at state

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