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Expanding Horizons Lifts Off! #O3TEH

Expanding Horizons Lifts Off! #O3TEH

Today marks the start of the Inaugural Tri-Titans Expanding Horizon's Tour of Asia! We will be bringing 15 amazing student-athletes who have entered to join us to train, explore, and adventure in East Asia! The trip will take the wrestlers through Singapore, Vietnam, and Japan. The athletes have raised the funds for their flights on their own via fundraisers and Tri-Titans will be covering the rest!

Youth Wrestlers: Gigi Bragg, Christian Fretwell, Billy Townson, Ryan Rios,
Incoming High Schoolers: Alina Antillon, Matt Rodriguez
High School Wrestlers: Javen Jovero, Tyler Badgett, Jaden Trieu-Le, Elijah Blake, Brenden Johnson, Devin Holman, Gabriel Cortez, Matthew Vinci
We had one more amazing young man, Dimitri Alarcon who had a major injury prior to the trip and had to cancel. We hope for a speedy recovery!

We would love to show appreciation for our hosts in each country! In Singapore, Coach Gabriel Huang has open the doors of the Wrestling Federation of Singapore! In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Anthony and Coach Georgi with the Saigon Sports Club will be hosting us in their amazing training facility! We close up the trip to Tokyo where we will train with Coach Shu who has hooked us up with a variety of Tokyo's top wrestling clubs and high schools! Huge thanks to Kamariya High School, Isogo Technology High School, Jiyugaoka High School!

We believe these amazing students will be the influencers and leaders of our next generation. At the end of the trip, we hope it leaves a mark in their lives that will forever shape them as adults. As they see the world, we hope to encourage them to think on a global scale. As they meet friends from different cultures, we believe they'll learn to accept and understand differences.

In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, the team will be visiting an orphanage. Everyone involved with the Expanding Horizons trip has done an AMAZING job bringing together a care package to give to the children of the orphanage. Special thanks to all who have filled our boxes, we'll be sure to share the joy!

Follow along with the journey! We will be documenting the trip on our own, and everyone involved with is sure to be posting on their own social media account! Follow the hashtag #o3teh and keep posted!
Tri-Titans Instagram: @trititans
Also, give our wonderful hosts a follow. @sgwrestling  and @saigonsportsclub on Instagram!

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